I came back from Disney World to find my car destroyed – they left a note and money but it’s nowhere near enough! | The Sun

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A DRIVER has taken to social media to show the state of their car in a car park after returning from Disney World.

The person who hit the car left a note saying sorry and cash, but the driver says it wasn't nearly enough to cover the damage.

Reddit user NothingBetter85 uploaded the image of their mangled car along with a description.

The description reads: 'Got out of Hanson at Eat to the Beat and found this in the parking lot with a note saying sorry and $100 but no information to help file a claim.'

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The front of the Reddit user's Nissan has suffered huge damage after being hit in the car park.

It's likely the car will need an entirely new front bumper and grille, which $100 (around £80) won't get close to covering.


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You might be able to find a replacement bumper and grille at a salvage yard for that money, but it will be used and probably the wrong colour.

A new replacement would be more like £500 before you pay for somebody to have it correctly fitted.

There are more than 100 comments on the Reddit post with people chiming in with suggestions.

One person said: "Ouch! Contact security, I bet they have cameras in the parking lots! Most places do.

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"Good luck, that’s a terrible way to end the day."

The original Reddit user replied: "We did contact security and filed a case with FHP but they didn’t send anyone out because the vehicle wasn’t occupied and is on private property.

"They said they have an investigator who may contact us but we’ll probably only see footage if a case is pursued."

Another person said: "I just can’t get over someone writing a note apologising but not giving their contact information.

"Not much of an apology."

While a third joked: "Looks like they Drank to the Beat tonight."

To which the original Reddit user agreed: "I think you’re right, unfortunately."

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