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PROTESTORS have been filmed driving a tank through central London to avoid the ULEZ – and it's completely legal.

A group of activists decided to take a stand against the hated levy after it expanded in August.

Mayor Sadiq Khan pushed through plans to widen the £12.50 per day charging zone out to the entirety of Greater London.

However, the group decided to demonstrate the absurdity of the emissions-based charge by driving the Abbot Self-Propelled Gun through a selection of tourist hotspots.

Stopping off in Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street and Westminster, the stunt certainly generated plenty of attention.

Best of all, it was completely legal as the tank was built in 1965, qualifying it for "historic" classification.



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Under ULEZ rules, historic vehicles include any motor built more than 40 years ago on a rolling basis and are exempt from the charge.

At the moment, the cutoff stands at 1983, then 1984 next year and so on.

The armoured vehicle was traced to an Oxfordshire-based company called Tanks-A-Lot.

Nick Mead, who owns over 300 tanks, rents it out at £6,000 per day.

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It is fully taxed and insured and the gun has been deactivated so it is completely road-legal.

The unique protest is the latest example of backlash against the ULEZ expansion, with 'blade runner' vigilantes destroying or vandalising the cameras enforcing the zone.

It comes after Nick spoke exclusively to The Sun as he faced ruin when Barclay's pulled the plug on his finances.

The 61-year-old had sent over 100 of his tanks to aid war-stricken Ukraine, but bosses at the bank deemed his business "high risk" and shut down his account, despite him receiving clearance from the Department for Trade and Industry.

Meanwhile, speculation of time travel ran rife as a mystery motor spotted in a picture from the 1960s has never been identified.

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