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But it is merely one more observation by another. Hypothesis is not required to prove the existence or the non-existence of the particular phenomenon which it is. Required to explain,In fact, the use of the term hypothesis in physics is more than a little peculiar. As a general rule, scientists are more likely to call a proposed theory a hypothesis or theory when they are discussing it as a hypothesis rather than an established scientific fact. When they do make the distinction, this typically is done to signal that they are suggesting that the theory be considered with fresh eyes or that an examination be made at least with the utmost caution. In science, theories are generally thought of as attempts to explain observed phenomena by proposing specific mechanisms or processes that might be involved, and are supposed to be the best available explanations of the phenomenon at hand. When used in this context, the word hypothesis implies an assumption of an explanation, not an explanation itself, that is not yet established as a fact. However there are several important distinctions that should be made:A hypothesis is a proposal that is made in the hope that this proposal will be proved. A theory is a well-established, broadly accepted explanation for observed phenomena. Theories can generally be proven or disproved, but they are not necessarily true. It is entirely possible that an even more outlandish hypothesis can be proposed. It is also possible that the proposed explanation does not even involve the proposed mechanism or process, and can be completely unrelated to the observed phenomena. Of all the terms in physics, there is no exact equivalent in mathematics or logic, so as a rule mathematical proofs of theorems are never called theorems. In mathematics the term theorem usually implies a mathematical claim made in a formal way and not a proposition that we can prove or disprove. See also edit Notes and references edit References edit External links.

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