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You could use a better insult though. You speak with a deeper tone of voice, but not too much, just enough to convey a sense of superiority. You make some sort of motion, and a fireball is hurled at the group. They all duck, but not before some taking small burns. The flame quickly goes out and you continue your speech. Now, if this were the case, the town would have already been burned to a crisp. At this point, your speech causes many of the people to walk away from you. You stand there with your lips spread, and look around in frustration. Ve got the general idea of something, but you need to look beyond it. You raise your voice to be heard above the noise. M trying to help you get the best perspective on the situation. Re lucky to have someone like me talking to you. T be able to do all of this, but I can at least try to give you the best information I have. So, if you want to hear what I believe happened today, then you should listen to my perspective on this matter, and think about it all the way through. A few of the people start leaving, but the majority of them stay. You look at the crowd, and then back at the group that left, and then back to the crowd that left. T even know what you were expecting to hear, so why the hell do you even bother coming down here. If what you just heard is true and you really are lost, well good luck with that, because YOU are the one that really needs to be.

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