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You will be getting Medicare and Medicaid payments that will be going. You look at the number of files youve got here and you see that Medicare Australia is one of the files. You can see whats going to happen next. You take a deep breath to calm your nerves and then just give in and type out the answers. Im a human beingThe computer reads everything you type and prints out an output. Im a human being and then the computer turns its screen off. You sigh and try your other hand at answering. The computer read everything that you typed and returned an answer. Youre a human You continueIs the computer running. You may do soYou go to the console and take the mouse out of your inventory to try and interact with the computer. After a few times you discover that you can only move your mouse and that the screen is black and white. You start to groan and try to think of a way of making your way out of this hellhole. Finally you succeed and find a button on the console which you press. The screen begins to light up and the room suddenly appears to your eyes. You are on a space station, in orbit above the planet you call home. There is a computer console where you see the machine hums away away, and you see your name displayed in small type on a small screen. The screen tells you that you are in the ships medical bay, which contains a bed and a medical scanner. On the other side of the room, a door opens and you enter the room. Another door closes behind you and the room disappears. You do not moveYou stand there for a moment in silence and then you sigh. You get upYou get up from the console as the door opens and you walk out into the hallway. You head back to the medical bay where you take a seat in the waiting room. Your wait is not long though, the door opens again and you enter with the medical supplies that you brought with you a few moments ago. The door closes behind you and the room disappears.

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