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The term Capital could also be capitalized Stock of goods andor Stock of services to differentiate it from the Real capital that is The value of a business. If someone wanted to sell you a business, you would naturally compare the Real capital value and the Intangible capital value. The only time a business would be sold is when the owner wanted to sell a whole business or a part of the business. Of course, it would need to be done at a price determined by market forces, but I think that would be more accurate if the term capital was defined this way. I believe capital should be defined as stock or the amount of work and knowledge put into the formation of a business. A business should be defined as an asset that adds value to the economy. I believe the most useful use of capital would be as stock. The more work that goes into the production of a business, the more value it adds, I do not understand why that is not a common idea, but then again, it is not common for many people to understand economic theoryIn conclusion, I think the term capital is defined as the actual capital and stock of work and knowledge that contributes to the formation of a business. Capital is a fancy word for money, and money is the measure of everything in the economy. The value of anything and everything is only measured by money. For example, if you could only have a certain price for something, it would create a scarcity in the economy. If I could only buy this item at a certain price, there would be a shortage which would cause the price to rise. This is why people who live in poverty are unhappy with their current situation. Without a way to escape this situation, they will be stuck with it. I believe the proper measure of every thing in the economy is the price of the final product. In order to make the economy function efficiently and to provide for the needs of the people and our economic system, there needs to be a certain number of things produced per time and per economic unit. Since the currency of the system is money, it is the price of that currency that must be the measure of everything. The currency being money is the only thing that must be in its right place at the right time in order for it to work. It is only through the use of the economy of money that it is possible for the economy to function. To use money to its full ability, it needs to be used to represent a certain amount of value, or stock. With a high stock value in the economy, production and exchange of goods and services can take place and the economy can expand.

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