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You just wasted my time, you fuckin asshole. You: You want ME to read out the address again. You: I dont want to be there in case they arrest me for trying to extort money out of The Pavilion. You want me to read the address out loud. Hugh: sigh Nah, its fine, not my thing. You take out your phone and hit the home button You: hic Hutchton PavilionHugh: You cant just make up shit like that. You: Well, as I said, its just fine, but what exactly is it that Im putting at risk. You: You mean youre going to show us the address. You: I live in Saanich, but Im not really sure what side youre from. I can take you to wherever it is Im supposed to take you to. Why wont you just let me go. I had a good working relationship with your place, why wont you just let me in. You want to take me to your place. You: Just go ahead, and leave me out of this. This isnt my problem, you know why. Hugh: Because Im not going out to your.

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