Huge Highway Code changes coming NEXT WEEK – how they affect drivers and cyclists explained

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NEW Highway Code rules will be coming into effect on January 29, 2022, giving cyclists more power on the roads.

Motorists will now need to be extra vigilant of cyclists around them and give way at places they have never needed to before.

Cyclists will now have more priority on the roads than ever before.

This is due to the new "hierarchy of road users" that is being introduced, ranking road users on how vulnerable they are if there was to be an accident.

After pedestrians, cyclists cause the least amount of harm on the roads, meaning drivers must be extra careful around these two groups of road users.

Historically, The Highway Code has never stated where specifically cyclists should ride on the road, with most opting to ride on the left-hand side, next to the kerb.

Now, cyclists must ride in the centre of the road to make sure they're visible in all situations.

It's also recommended that cyclists ride two abreast to give extra visibility to those drivers around.

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Cars wanting to turn either left or right will now have to give way to cyclists that are riding behind and want to go straight on.

The new rule says: "You should not cut across cyclists, horse riders or horse drawn vehicles going ahead when you are turning into or out of a junction or changing direction or lane."

When a driver is overtaking a cyclist, they must leave a space of at least 1.5 metres at speeds up to 30mph.

If you're driving above 30mph, you must give extra space to cyclists although a specific distance has not be laid out.

There will also be extra rules put in place for drivers and cyclists using roundabouts.

Rule 186 says: "You [drivers] should give priority to cyclists on the roundabout. They will be travelling more slowly than motorised traffic."

Duncan Dollimore, head of campaigns at Cycling UK said: The Highway Code changes are positive for all road users, but particularly for vulnerable road users including cyclists."

However, Duncan wishes the government done more to promote the changes.

He said: "In a week’s time, our Highway Code should change for the better, but these changes will be of limited benefit if the public aren’t aware of them.”

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