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You look at your wristwatch which is showing 4:15:00 PM. You need to be at that house before 4:30 AM. The house is in the same general area as the Big Donut. You need to get to the house, but you have no idea where it is. You sit in the car and start looking at the house as you head eastward down the highway toward it. The first thing you notice is that you have no idea how youre going to get to the house without going around the big donut. You walk through the store and down the street. You walk around the Big Donut, and then walk down the street behind a dumpster. You look around the back alley for the house youre looking for. You see a trashcan hanging off the back of a house, the back door is open. You look inside the garbage can and see that the door is ajar. You go inside the trashcan and try to open the doorYou try to pry the door open, but its bolted shut. You try to pry it open, but again its locked. You put your foot on the door and you hear some noise inside. You also hear a rat squeaking in the corner. You check your surroundings, then you see a rat scurry out of the corner and jump onto the garbage can. You take a look around, and while its probably rat poison, its not the best idea to touch it. You leave the garbage can and head back into town towards the big donut. You continue drivingYou continue to drive, then you stop at the local McDonalds. You order a large double Quarter Pounder with cheese, and small French Fries. Theyre really good, but youre really hungry and want a place to go. The Quarter Pounder comes out a couple minutes later, and you finish your meal within a couple minutes of ordering it. You get into the passenger seat and drive towards the Big Donut. You dont notice the Big Donut until youre driving by it. A big red X is painted on the side of the big doughnut. You start to park your car, but you cant find the number on the sticker covering the windshield. You try the lock on the doors of your car, but its just as locked inside. You notice the sign on the Big Donut says, Out Of Order.

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