How you can save £200 a year by making these 5 changes to your driving

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MOTORISTS can save hundreds a year by making these five changes to their driving habits.

With the help of these simple tips, owners of the most popular petrol cars can scoop up savings of up to £209.96 annually.

With research and advice from Idealo and Britain's Coupon Kid Jordon Cox, drivers can make savings of up to 14 percent in fuel each year.

The price comparison site crunched the numbers with the money saving expertt to find Brits could be getting another five miles per galloon out of a tank.

The simple tips could result in a 14 percent saving in fuel costs for Kia Sportage owners every year while Vauxhall Mokka drivers can lower their fuel payments by £125.19 (11 percent).

Jordon Cox offered up a handy guide for motorists to get the most out of the tank.

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Go Easy On The Pedal 

Jordan said: "By pressing lightly on the gas and brake, you can use less fuel whilst still hitting the correct speeds.

"A matter of centimetres less on each pedal could save hundreds per year.”

Lighter Load 

He reminded people driving around with a boot full luggage or goods to ditch the unnecessary weight.

He said: "Take them out so your engine has to pump in less fuel to reach target speeds or go up steep inclines.”

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Air Con

Jordan said: “Although in the summer months it can be uncomfortable in the car, air con can significantly increase fuel consumption, especially at lower speeds.

"When driving slowly, open the windows to circulate airflow through the vehicle instead of opting for the air con.”

Stay In The Speed Limit 

Jordan recommended: “It seems an obvious one, but by sticking to the speed limits, you won’t consume any unnecessary fuel.

"Driving faster than 70mph in small engine cars will rapidly go through the fuel tank, so don’t be tempted to go over the limit.


He said: “Rather than relying on satellite navigation, have a quick look at the route beforehand so you lessen your chances of getting lost.

"Take the route with the shortest distance, not time, as this normally means going on a motorway and consuming more fuel at higher speeds."

Katy Phillips, brand and communications manager at idealo, said the findings come at a tough time.

She said: “It’s no secret that fuel prices have contributed heavily to the stress in the cost-of-living crisis.

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"Although we have no control over reducing the price of petrol, we can control our consumption of it, and we hope our money-saving tips will inspire car owners to adjust their driving approach.

"Our data analysis shows that simple changes can result in hundreds of pounds worth of savings – fingers crossed people try them and find big reductions in their annual fuel costs.”

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