How to get a dent out of car using household items

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CAR dents can make your motor look untidy and even cause an MOT failure – but drivers could save on costly mechanic fees by fixing small dents using an unexpected household item.

Just be wary that DIY fixes may be cheaper but they could also make the problem worse if you don't know what you are doing.

There are plenty of reasons why you may get dents on your car.

They can be caused by accidents or if you have knocked your vehicle when trying to park.

Road debris or extreme weather such as hail could also create them too.

Dents on your car can make it harder to sell as potential buyers may be put off and you could end up with a lower price.

In some cases, extreme damage on your car that is deemed dangerous, such as on your bumper, can cause a vehicle to fail its MOT.

Dents can also cause corrosion, which can create long-term damage to your motor.

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But you don't necessarily need to find a mechanic if you want to get a small dent sorted.

The solution could be among your household items.

A plunger may be more associated with clogged toilets or sinks, but experts suggest this tool can help get out small dents on a car, saving you mechanic fees.

Check how big the dent is first and where it is on your car.

The Get a Car comparison website says a dent can be tackled at home if it hasn't damaged the paintwork and if there are no cracks caused.

However, it warns that very large dents cannot be suctioned out and it is unlikely to work on body panels made of aluminium.

You will need a pot of hot water and a plunger.

First, pour the hot water on top of the dented surface to soften the material.

Then place the plunger over the dent, push it down and pull it up.

Your dent should then pop out.

You may need a few goes on a deep dent and if it doesn't work first time.

This also won't work if there are holes in your plunger so check on its condition.

Make sure you are confident about what you are doing as any other damage caused may not be covered by your warranty or car insurance.

It may be best to leave it to the professionals if you are unsure.

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