How to get a car check that can add hundreds of pounds to the value of your vehicle

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A SIMPLE service from the right mechanic can add hundreds of pounds to your car's resell price, according to experts.

Drivers who don't get their car serviced regularly could be missing out on boosting their vehicles resale value by hundreds of pounds.

That's because many dealerships and buyers care where your car has been serviced.

So while it might be tempting to go for a cheaper option or the local mechanic, you might be unwittingly reducing your future resale value.

Dealer Motorway chief executive Tom Leathes told The Sun: “Some franchised dealers can only buy cars with a full service history from franchised outlets.

“So, if you go somewhere else, you are reducing the buying pool when you come to sell it.

"It’s worth the extra £100 or whatever to get it serviced somewhere franchised.”

You could also void your car's warranty if you get it serviced at a non-franchised dealer.

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Some guarantees require you to organise your regular servicing at an official dealer.

And as the warranty could still apply to the car after it's sold on, the new owner will also be affected by the car's void guarantee.

If you have a car that's still in its warranty period, be sure to check the terms.

But it's generally safer – and financially savvier – to stick to franchised mechanics for a service.

Leathes added: "Cars that have had all services completed in line with the required manufacturer service intervals are more valuable as they will have been checked and maintained by a qualified mechanic or engineer.

"The value of a car with a full-service history will be higher than the same car with a partial or missing service history."

Motorists should also check their car insurance renewal date before the New Year as rules are set to change.

Millions of drivers are set to be hit with bill hikes within just a few weeks.

Here's how to get a good deal on your vehicle protection and breakdown cover.

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