How to clean stainless steel: ‘Make it shine and get rid of streaks’ using baby oil

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TikTok user uses toothpaste to reduce scratches on stainless steel

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From your hob to your kettle, stainless steel appliances are some of the most used in the home – and with that comes the unavoidable risk of smudges and marks. Though you can easily clean down appliances with antibacterial sprays, restoring a streak-free shine might seem like a chore.

However, according to Reddit users, the answers to sparkling stainless steel don’t lie with expensive cleaning products.

Instead, users recommend using baby oil to wipe away streaks from your appliances.

A user, posting under the name glue_gun_goddess said: “Baby oil will make it shine and get rid of the streaks and spots.

“I know it sounds crazy but it works. It’s a cheap solution.”

Baby oil can be bought from supermarkets such as Lidl and Asda anywhere between 33p and £1, respectively.

Although baby oil will work as an antibacterial agent, it works to remove fingerprints and smudges by acting as a protective coating, revitalising its shine.

How to clean stainless steel using baby oil

To begin, sanitise your surfaces as normal using a multi-surface cleaning spray.

Then, wipe down your stainless steel using a damp cloth.

For really tough build-ups of grime try adding a little bit of white vinegar to a wet rag and put in a little elbow grease. However, be sure never to let vinegar sit for too long on stainless steel, as it can have a  detrimental effect.

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If there are any watermarks left behind, the baby oil should remove them.

Blot some baby oil onto a dry, soft cloth – a microfibre cloth works best however you can also utilise old rags or even old cut-up clothes.

Next, wipe your baby oiled cloth or material over the steel in the direction of the grain.

To determine the direction of your stainless steel’s grain you will need to look closely.

Stainless steel is made up of lots of tiny lines going in one direction.

In order to match the grain, wipe parallel to the lines.

Then, using minimal pressure, turn over your cloth to the dry side and softly buff the oil off.

This step may need to be repeated to fully remove any marks or smudges.

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