How to check if you’d be better off on DWP legacy benefits or Universal Credit

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Universal Credit: Expert discusses benefits of claiming

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This spring, some Britons who depend on legacy benefits, such as Working Tax Credits and Jobseeker’s Allowance, will be transferred to the new Universal Credit system. However, some will have to wait until 2024 unless they instigate a change. Before acting, claimants are being urged to check whether they would in fact be better off.

Now the DWP has restarted the process which is expected to take until 2024.

While some people will be in line to be moved over, others could hurry up the process by contacting their local benefits office.

However, people are being reminded that not all legacy benefit claimants will be better off on Universal Credit.

Once a change in circumstance has been triggered, claimants can’t reverse their decision.

For this reason, it’s advisable to seek advice before taking action.

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The DWP has launched a new section on the Universal Credit website for Tax Credit customers explaining the difference between the benefits.

It also has a handy benefits calculator so people can see the difference for themselves.

On the Citizen’s Advice website, it states: “If your work, home or family situation changes, you might be better off claiming Universal Credit.

“Some changes will end your benefit claim – so claiming Universal Credit might be the only way to replace them.”

If people have a choice between staying on old benefits and claiming Universal Credit they should talk to an adviser.

The website continues: “You can also check how much Universal Credit you’d get by using a benefit calculator.

“If you won’t have enough money to live on while you wait for your first Universal Credit payment, you can ask for an advance payment.

“The advance payment is a loan – you’ll have to pay it back.”

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To find out whether, people will be better off on Universal Credit they’ll need details of:

  • Income – including any earnings or benefits
  • Rent and living costs
  • Savings and investments

Claimants can find out more by going to

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