How renovation couple saved £1.3k on the dream bathroom – ‘hands down’ best bargain

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Emma and Jack run Renovating the Broadway, where they give followers an insight as they renovate their 1930s semi. They detail their DIY exploits, as well as their kitchen extension.

The couple has built their dream bathroom in the house on the North East Coast.

They saved a whopping £1,300 on their bathroom by doing one simple DIY task themselves.

The couple tiled their own bathroom.

Emma and Jack already told how they saved tens of thousands on their kitchen extension. 

The savvy couple has been looking to save where they can while doing up the home. Emma told “The bathroom we were quoted a couple of thousand to tile it and we just thought let’s do it ourselves.

“Materials were maybe £500 for the tiles and grout.

“Then maybe we paid another £200 for tools, like the saw so we can cut tiles.

“But that saw has come in so much use for the rest of the house.”

Thanks to their money-savvy approach, the couple was able to get planning permission, source an engineer, and pay an architect for just £400. 

Emma and Jack also managed to save a huge amount by buying the fixtures for their bathroom from eBay.

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Emma said: “All of that stuff I actually bought from eBay.

“The shower, the bath tap, everything that is matt black is from eBay for about half the price it would be at a normal shop.

“The whole suite was meant to be around £4,500 and I got it for £2,000.

“But with eBay shops, you have to wait for ages for it to be delivered from China.”

She advised renovators to “shop around.

“Amazon and eBay do really, really cheap fixtures and fittings. My sink was from Amazon.”

When asked the best bargain of the home so far, Emma said: “It’ll be the bathroom, absolutely, buying it all from eBay. Definitely, hands down.”

Renovating can be hugely expensive. Another couple told how they managed to create a £60k house renovation for cheap without taking out a loan. 

Liv Madeline and her partner are renovating their Zone 4 London flat on a budget.

The couple initially approached professionals but soon realised the costs would be huge.

Liv said: “We’ve been kind of doing things on a monthly basis.

“We have saved loads of money doing it ourselves, but I couldn’t tell you exactly how much we’ve saved, but we haven’t paid anything near the 50 to 60 grand we were originally quoted, nowhere near.”

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