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As you see a gaming PC costing more than you do, you begin to panic. Your father looks to you and says, Calm down, boy. Ve just been through a lot right now. T need to worry so much about the money right now. We need to focus on other concerns right now. He continues, That PC you need to buy is going to help you in the future. Ll help you get a better job, get a better apartment, etc. Ll keep you out of trouble, and hopefully you and I can get married one day. The next day, you finally do pay the money due to the game company. You finish unpacking the truck and head back to your trailer. Your dad comes out from his room and sees you. Re going to have to buy a new TV right. Re going to have to go out and get one of those new HD plasma flat screens. S tied up right now, Dad. M not going to be able to pay for a whole new TV. Re going to have to sell the rest of your things. You nod and head up to your bedroom. Your dad follows and he gets to see the situation a whole lot worse. When you get to your room, you take out your trusty black book and start to go through it for what you need. The only thing I got in this pile are a few magazines. In fact, you can take those magazines and just toss them in the wasteb.

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