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A CAR EXPERT has revealed how far your car will actually go on an "empty" tank, ranking the top ten best performers.

Most motorists worry when they see the petrol light flick on, fretting that their car will soon conk out at the side of the road.

Handily, car experts at Moneybarn have looked at the most popular cars in the UK, along with their tank and reserve capacity, to see which cars will get you the furthest when the fuel light comes on. 

The car with the furthest range after the fuel light comes on is an old favourite, the Ford Mondeo, with a whopping 76 miles left.

Now in its fifth generation, the Mondeo celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

It’s thanks to its huge fuel tank capacity, only two gallons behind a Land Rover Discovery, that the Ford Mondeo can last so long before eventually grinding to a halt.


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Ranking second is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, with a range of 71.14 miles before you start running on fumes, while the BMW 5 Series takes third place with 65.52 miles after the fuel warning light comes on.

Car experts have also revealed that the car brand with the longest overall fuel light range is Toyota, with cars made by the Japanese manufacturer averaging 68.48 miles left on an empty tank.

Toyotas are generally very fuel-efficient thanks to their small engine size compared to some other car brands, as well as their use of modern hybrid technology.

This comes after drivers were left shocked after discovering the truth about a petrol hack.

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