How can I check if my car can run on E10 fuel?

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STANDARD petrol will become E10 fuel come September.

The big change is more eco-friendly but Brits with older vehicles could be forced to pay more at the pump – and it won't work in all cars.

How can I check if my car can run on E10 fuel?

The government has reassured drivers that 95 per cent of petrol-powered cars can run on E10 fuel.

The best way to check if yours will is to use this online tool.

Just input the manufacturer and a list of models will appear advising whether they are compatible or not.

All cars made after 2011 will be ok to use E10, and most vehicles made after the late 1990s can run on it too.

However, some classic cars and older vehicles, plus mopeds and a handful of motors from the early 200s cannot use E10.

Anyone who drives a diesel or electric car won't be impacted by the change.

Drivers are advised to contact their car manufacturers with any specific questions or concerns about their vehicle.

What can I do if my car does not run on E10 fuel?

If your car won't run on the new E10 fuel, you can continue to use E5 petrol in the "super" grade – 97+ octane.

But the government has warned that E5 premium fuel might be harder to find in rural areas.

Will regular petrol still be available?

Don't panic if your car isn't compatible as you will still be able to fill up.

E5 will be available at petrol stations that provide at least two grades, and the Department for Transport said it will be at "most" UK forecourts.

However, it is likely to cost a little more than usual as unleaded will be the more expensive "super" grade.

The different types and grades will be clearly marked at pumps.

But if you do accidentally fill up with the wrong type, it shouldn't be a major issue if it's just a one-off.

Repeated use of E10 in a non-compatible vehicle could damage the engine.

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