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It will be a great excuse to get out and visit family duringthis wintry season. We have many more toHoskins: Hm, good to see you. Hoskins: Yes, I suppose youd be right about me being here. Were here to congratulate you on your new NFL teams move from the old one. Hoskins: Why would I stay away from my family. My dad is the 1st Earl of Northumberland, you know. He, like myself, is a descendant of the 1st Earl of Lancaster. I have many of my ancestors buried somewhere in Lancaster, England. Lots of people from my house are buried there. My dad was one of the first interred there as well. My dad still is, and he still visits. Sometimes, I want to go back, but I cant. Cant I just lay down on some cold stone slab and die. Hotspur: What did you have to do with coming here. Hoskins: I was brought here for something very serious. I had to do something to stop an enemy of the 1st Earl. Now, this enemy is attacking all of us, but hes not the enemy of all of us. I could see him and help him why shouldnt I help him. And if I dont help him, hell just launch a full-scale invasion of the United Kingdom. Hoskins: He might get a few ships up in the North Sea. BARBARIC BUSH KIND OLD MAN DO YOU WANT A ROLL OF PIECESHoskins: I cant, Im just really tired.

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