Homeowners can save £1,500 on energy bills with simple ‘upgrades’ – ‘long-term benefits’

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Energy bills rise is a 'world crisis' says Knight

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Energy bills are set to exceed a whopping £4,000 per year by January. The average annual household energy bills could then top £5,000 by the spring. As the cost-of-living crisis continues, many homeowners are looking for ways to save cash around the house any way they can.

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From turning appliances off standby to switching light bulbs, there are a plethora of ways to save cash.

Some experts are also warning that water bills could also surge to around £419 a year due to the recent hot weather and drought.

Now, research by property maintenance solution provider, Help me Fix, has shared how homeowners can reduce their bills by an average of £1,500 by making changes around the house.

The biggest and most immediate savings can be made by replacing an outdated boiler with a new, modern one.

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Homeowners could make an estimated saving of £350 a year.

A spokesperson for double-glazing specialist Art Windows & Doors, Graham Lock said old and dated boilers are “unreliable, expensive to run and prone to breakdowns over the winter months”.

A new boiler will run with “greater efficiency” over the winter.

Installing cavity wall insulation could save £285 a year.

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Mr Lock said heat is “easily lost” from homes if they’re not insulated properly.

The expert said cavity wall insulation is an area to consider because “this area will prevent heat from billowing out of the side of the home”.

Meanwhile, solar panels can reduce bills by £280.

Getting a smart thermostat can help reduce energy bills by £200 a year.

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Loft insulation can save £181; and double glazed windows can knock £115 off annual bills.

Mr Lock said “draughty, single-glazed windows are some of the worst culprits” when it comes to heat loss.

Single-glazed windows offer very little insulation.

Double and triple-glazed options are the best option.

He added: “They add a protective barrier as do snug-fitting UPVC or composite doors.

“Fit them and your home benefits from high levels of thermal efficiency.”

The simple use of energy efficient light bulbs can save £75 a year, and switching to low pressure or water saving taps can save £25.

Ettan Bazil, CEO and founder of Help me Fix said: “Households across the land are feeling the strain of rising bills and water shortages.

“As such, investing money in upgrading the energy efficiency of the home might not be at the forefront of most peoples’ minds.

“However, those who can afford these upgrades should seriously consider carrying them out sooner rather than later.

“Not only are there undeniable long-term financial benefits beyond this current cost of living crisis, but these changes are also great for the environment which, as we can see from the recurrence of adverse periods of weather, is in desperate need of a helping hand.”

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