Hitler invades the rhineland

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This information about Hitler invades the rhineland

That was included, the RheinlandHitler had violated the TreatyVon You dont know what hes talking aboutI dont know what hes talking about. His brows furrow in uncertainty that you didnt even notice. You dont look at him, but hes looking at you like he does that a lot, so naturally hes going to say something that might help you out. Are you seriously implying that Ive been involved in the actions that led to the death of thousands of innocent people. You close your eyes in repose but he doesnt move any closer to you. I just havent been there to do the deed, you know. You open your eyes with a stifled huff of laughter and try to shrug your shoulders off. I wanted to stay in school, but my mother said that I needed to be with you during the time when I was being trained for the role that you were to play in life. She said you were the one thing that was going to allow me to take my place amongst the rest of your people when I was old enough to carry out such a task. She was probably thinking that I was being silly in wanting to see you when I was in the womb. I was lucky enough that you were going to be a senator and I could stay on as the governor of a small backwater country. I even made sure to build a good reputation there. It is there that I got to know you the best, to hear more about you, and later that I learned how to play at least on a small scale with what youve taught me. I never thought that I would actually be able to get married to you, much less that I would have children with you. You laugh along with your father and mother one more time before you close your eyes and slump back into them with a sigh. You take a deep breath and get up from the chair as you start pacing back and forth. After your death, Ive lost my job, my family and my friends because of my decision. Ive lost your support as a family and even now, all I can do for my baby sister is try to keep her safe from the people who would hurt her. Even with all Ive lost, I never shouldve come here to begin with. You say and you then start crying. That youve survived all those years that I did.

This article about Hitler invades the rhineland