Highway Code rule change that affects electric cars – everything you need to know

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DRIVERS of electric cars will be given guidance on using EV charging points in the updated Highway Code.

The revised Highway Code, which comes into effect on January 29, will advise electric car drivers on how to safely use the charging points.

Rule 239 of The Highway Code explains what drivers should do if they have to stop roadside.

This has now been revised to include guidance on using electric vehicle charging points that are by the kerb.

Electric car charging points are dotted all around the country with some also inside street lights.

However, if not used carefully, they can cause a hazard.

Rule 239 will now say: "When using an electric vehicle charge point, you should park close to the charge point and avoid creating a trip hazard for pedestrians from trailing cables.

"Display a warning sign if you can. After using the charge point, you should return charging cables and connectors neatly to minimise the danger to pedestrians and avoid creating an obstacle for other road users." 

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If drivers aren't comfortable with leaving their car kerbside to charge their vehicle, some petrol stations will offer electric charging on their forecourts.

Motorists are also able to charge their electric cars at home, supermarkets and some workplaces.

There have been other changes to rule 239, including a recommended way of opening a car door from the inside.

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The "Dutch Reach" method will mean drivers will be asked to open their car door with the hand further away.

For example, drivers would reach across their chest and open the door with their left hand.

The reason why this method has been recommended is because it forces you to swivel your body and check your surrounding.

It will help people see if pedestrians, cyclists or other vehicles are coming their way and avoid your door colliding with them.

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If you are a cyclist, you will be allowed to ride in the centre of the lane at certain times.

Plus, drivers will have to give way to pedestrians in a new place, giving walkers slightly more power on the roads.

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