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Your heart sinks a bit when she says a bit. Youre tempted to go buy one too, but you have a hard time standing. Youll probably end up chowing down. You quickly make a mental note of your next purchase. The next few hours are spent in similar fashion as the first. You check where you left it, and you see she hasnt been calling you. You dont want to, but you need to. You go around your neighborhood looking for her. You keep goingYou keep going, eventually you get to the mall where she lives. You walk in and start asking people if they know where she is, some of them respond. You smile Well, thats what friends do right. People seem to think youre weird and say nothing. Then you start getting strange looks from people, and the stares start getting deeper, and then they start getting closer. A young teenage boy shouts, What are you doing. You grab your phone, and take a pictures of the boy without him realizing it. You go into the ladies room and call her out for being rude. Look, Im sorry, but that boy is making me uncomfortable, so I need to leave. But hes just making small talk, you dont have to leave. Its not a joke, hes trying to stalk me, and hes making a scene. You should be more careful, that man has been following you for longer than a day. You ask her if she can turn on the security, but she tells you that she cant. Well thats fine, I dont want to be on the streets alone at night. You just stare at her, shes acting.

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