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In fact you are going to bundle your tickets for Chocolate World now and save on your ticket price at Hersheys. Dont wait for a storm to take you off. You are not here to be a tourist or a captive of a carnival. You are not here to earn a buck or a kiss or any of the other commodities that are offered to you by the carnies. There is no such thing as a cheap trip to the carnival. There is no such thing as a cheap experience at the carnival. There is no such thing as a cheap ride at the carnival. The carnival of which only the best experiences are allowed. You have already made your decision to leave the carnival behind you. But some carnies do not make that easy decision. Some carnies will not see things so clearly. And they are there to take advantage of you when you are least ready. You will take that chanceIts not worth the risk. You are going to the Hersheys Carnival, and there is no going back. I cant believe how fast this happened, you say to yourself. Never in a million years would I have thought Id be running away from the carnival. But I cant just go back to the carnival, because thats a bad idea. And the last thing I want to do is go back to the carnival. Its not like I really want to do a carnival thing, to be honest with you.

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