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THIS is the easy hack you can do to help get rid of smelly odours in your car.

Only costing a few pence, drivers would be silly not to try it.

In a video posted on Instagram, an account dedicated to cars has revealed the best way to eliminate any smells.

@canadadrives shared the short clip to their thousands of followers admitting "I don't know why this works but it does".

The hack is simply to fill up a washing liquid cap with some white distilled vinegar.

The natural disinfectant is a well-known cleaner and helps remove odours from the air.


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In the video, the user said: "I don't know why this works but it does.

"If your car is having some kind of funky smell, put about a cup of white distilled vinegar in there.

"Let it sit for a few hours, or while you're at work, and then just let it air out while you finish cleaning your car.

"The smell is gone."

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