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You can get more information from his twitter. Your ears are still ringing from hearing the sound of his voice. He stands with his back to you, but there is no mistaking who he is. He talks about his past, his family, his home, his job, and so on. Each day gives you more detail about his personal life and you listen intently. The closer you get to him, the more you notice a certain resemblance between him and his past self. It is almost as if he is reliving his past life and talking about it with you. You stay in the room, trying to be as attentive as you can. You dont want to hear the story again if it isnt good. You dont want to hear the story in a place like his mothers basement. You dont want to hear the story in your current job. You dont want to hear the story in his current situation. Your eyes open when you hear some noise in the room. You quickly sit up and head to the door. A man with short hair and a goatee stares at you from across the room. The man looks at you as if you are the craziest person he has ever met, but he doesnt move away. You, uh, you dont have to answer right now. He stands up from his chair and goes to the door, opening it and walking outside. You dont need to stay any longer than you have to. A couple of days later, you go back to the man who greeted you. Yeah, it was nice talking to you, he says. Were going to see each other again.

This information about Canadian couch potato