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You go back to the pastThe only thing that can bring you joy is time, and you can not keep this present. You begin to explore the past, all the way back to a world where you lived before time ever existed. Before there were stars, there were people, and before there was a sun. You discover that the Sun itself is a giant, rotating around the center of a sphere. After much time, you travel through time to that same world, and begin to change the present to match what you saw, all the while the Sun continues to spin. The world you are now living in is not the past. You are not the same person you were then. You are the same person you were thousands of years ago. So, you decide to go back in time even further. A strange tribe living far beyond the wilds of the far east. The Sun hung low above them, and they lived in caves. He lives in a village not far away. But, you cannot visit it, for the sun lies low over the eastern horizon. This time, you are not looking at a young man. They are holding hands with their mother, who is a few feet away. Earths, mountains, seas and skies are ripped away. The Sun spins back to its proper place, and the Earth is repaired. Your ancestors live in the caves where you now live. A new civilization arises, based upon the Earth. Many of your ancestors are able to live and thrive. Some of them become mighty wizards and scientists. Rather, it simply is not a fit fit for you.

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