He rose through the United States Army to become Chief of Staff under presidents …

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The meeting of these three individuals is quite significant. George Mason was the man who secretly led the effort to incite the insurrection which eventually deposed the United States Government in the year 1798. The meeting of these three men is significant because it indicates that these three men were all connected in some way to the plot to overthrow the United States Government; but more significant are Masons wife and his daughter. It is no doubt the case that there are other people who are connected with the plot, but these three persons are the only ones who are currently known to exist. The man who called you over to meet them, was probably the same individual who was to lead the effort to depose the United States Government. It was just in those few moments where the three of you had to make this decision that you decided that you would do everything in your power to prevent the United States Government from ever returning to power again. You also realized that Mason could no longer be trusted and that this was the turning point in your life. On the morning of the fourth month, when the news of all this got around to most of the men who were still alive there, they began to gather and prepare for battle. They also began to put their plan into action. On the twentieth day of December, John Reid was born within one year of the meeting of these three and in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixteen. At about the same time this meeting was taking place, you had been living quietly in the backwoods where you were originally raised. It is not quite certain where you were originally from, but you had probably come into contact with those who had already established a certain presence there. Some of these people were of the highest standing in the area, and others were still living in the state of Ohio where you were born and raised. It was during this time that you first spoke with the old man named Samuel. He was a man who had lived a long life and had had a long line of ancestors who had been involved in the old west. He was a man who did not like to have anything changed in his life and was very resistant to change. You had first met him in the store he operated called, Schnuck Hill Tavern on the day following the meeting of the three men who were mentioned before. You had heard his tales of the old west through his stories and you decided that you would meet him again for a drink and he was certainly glad to see you. He did not drink at the same pace as the others in the tavern, he did not care too much for it, but he seemed to enjoy it when you joined him.

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