Hannity rips Biden on Afghanistan: Americans being 'held hostage … behind enemy lines'

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Hannity: Biden’s Afghanistan ‘disaster’ proves he’s unfit to lead

‘Hannity’ host analyzes the president’s ‘full scale retreat’ of Afghanistan

President Biden has failed America – and the American people cannot and will not forget that, as untold hundreds of American citizens remain stranded in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, Sean Hannity declared Friday in his “Opening Monologue.”

While the U.S. has not had an official presence in Afghanistan for three days, Hannity claimed Friday was the 20th day of Americans being “held hostage … behind enemy lines.”

“Joe Biden has failed this country, and we will never forget it,” he said.

Taliban leader Abdul Baradar is now seen as the de facto leader of that country, after Biden pulled all U.S. troops out as of Aug. 31.

“Biden did nothing as the Taliban terrorists began what was a full-scale assault on our allies, and they began a march that led them to taking control of Kabul: April, then May, June, July, then August,” Hannity said.

“And instead of fighting back at any point … as Donald Trump said he would, Biden ordered a full-scale retreat, abandoning base after base in the middle of the night, leaving weapons and aircraft and military gear, important biometrics data behind, all for the Taliban’s taking,” he continued. 

“Instead of fighting back at any point … as Donald Trump said he would, Biden ordered a full-scale retreat.”

“He has now armed them completely.

“In private, Joe Biden knew his Afghanistan policies were rapidly collapsing,” Hannity went on, “but instead of being honest with we, the American people; instead of warning Americans that were there while we had control of Kabul, warning our allies while he had control, telling them we are going to — he goes on national TV and says no, everything is great”

“But don’t worry, Biden was telling us, the American people, he planned for every contingency. He promised the United States would not leave any American behind. He said that over and over and over again,” he said.

“On Thursday, August the 26th, a suicide bomber detonated a massive bomb at the gates of the airport. That killed 13 brave U.S. service men and women and more than 150 others. Yes, their blood is on Joe Biden’s hands,” the host said.

“[A]ll of this could easily have been prevented.”

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