Hannity: Democrats will suddenly pivot on 'draconian' COVID policies

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Hannity predicts Democrats will reverse course on ‘draconian’ COVID policies

Sean Hannity predicts Democrats will loosen their stances on COVID-19 mandates ahead of the upcoming midterm elections.

Sean Hannity predicted that Democrats are going to start loosening their restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic during Wednesday’s monologue. 

Hannity said that Democrats will claim their change of heart is due to the science when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

“My prediction in a few days, maybe a few weeks, they will suddenly recommend masks are no longer needed. They will say the science is magically changed when in reality, it’s going to be public opinion that changes in an election year and their power is the only thing that will change their mind and clinging on to that power,” the host of “Hannity” said.

Hannity pointed out that a top medical expert at “Fake News CNN,” Dr. Leana Wen, has come under scrutiny as of late for her new stance on masks. 

Dr. Leana Wen
(Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

“Wen recently said that she now favors lifting mask mandates because science has changed. Five months ago, she was arguing that unvaccinated Americans should not be allowed to leave their homes in America. Now, of course, in just five months, the science hasn’t changed. But the polls have.”

One of the big jolts to the left’s approach to COVID-19 was the Virginia gubernatorial race. 

Glenn Youngkin 
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“A new Republican governor was elected in the Commonwealth of Virginia after promising to end draconian COVID-19 mandates … Gov. [Glenn] Youngkin began implementing his campaign promises and for the simple act of fulfilling his popular proposals that got him elected in a purple to blue state that is Virginia. Many on the left are vilifying Youngkin,” Hannity said. 


“Now, these Democrats are playing political football, but the people that are playing football with your kids, thankfully they’re losing,” Hannity said.

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