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T want you to get too absorbed in your reading for too long. Re not really far from the town hall of Rask. T a very prosperous place where a well dressed man who looks like someone from a court probably would be going in. Before you can go back inside the inn, you suddenly hear several shots, and the sound of someone shooting a pistol, followed by a high pitched scream followed by some shouting. You turn around and see a few bodies on the ground and the innkeeper running from the inn as you attempt to put a stop to your own panic attack. You say, as he catches up to you. Ve been some criminal in the act of trying to rob the place. So I can just put you out of your misery are you. M just still trying to get my head around all this. T think any of them have ever done so on our own land. T answer, and I even called his name several times before finally giving up and going to bed. T find him anywhere, not even in the inn. Ll have guards on duty tonight at least, I may even have the gate pried open and patrolled.

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