Gutfeld blasts 'disgusting media hacks' going 'Full Covington' over Border Patrol horse photo

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Gutfeld blasts left-wing media: ‘They don’t care about the border crisis’

‘The Five’ discusses President Biden’s response to the border crisis

In pursuit of a border crisis story that fits their narrative, Democrats and the mainstream media are going “Full Covington” in wrongly disparaging the overwhelmed Border Patrol agents, lodging trumped-up allegations of “whipping” illegal immigrants, Greg Gutfeld and the panel on “The Five” said Tuesday.

The panel discussed how Border Patrol agents captured on video trying to corral some of the thousands of illegal aliens flooding across the Rio Grande were accused of whipping the border crossers despite the fact they were using reins and not whips; as agents were riding their horses in Western-style.

Because the Western rider is saddled up farther from the physical horse than in English style riding, reins are often used to direct the animal.

Gutfeld said the media ignored the evidence in the video and instead decided to create a narrative because the alternative would be to employ imagery like FOX News drone footage and Texas DPS helicopter video cataloging thousands of illegal immigrants in a makeshift camp under the Acuna International Bridge, which hurts their political position.

“‘I don’t care about the humanitarian crisis until I can find an angle that I like’ – That’s what you just saw with these dumb hacks that you just saw in that montage,” he said of on-camera comments from Vice President Harris, Rep. Ilhan Omar D-Minn., MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid and CNN host Christopher Cuomo. 

“These networks [and] these people had no interest in the story until they could create an acceptable villain in law enforcement. They didn’t give two poops about the 12,000 refugees that were there. But oh, they discovered a Twitter image in their doom scrolling that looks like a whip: So they go Full Covington,” Gutfeld said, referring to how mainstream outlets derided Nicholas Sandmann, a Catholic school student from Kentucky who was videotaped smiling at a Native American activist during the 2019 March For Life – as Phillips chanted and beat a ceremonial drum in close proximity to Sandmann.

In that case, the media used a snippet of the incident to criticize Sandmann while critics argued the full-length video absolved the student of the allegations he was harassing Phillips.

“Chris Cuomo, Yamiche, April and all of these other bozos who pretend to be journalists, then pretend to have a story,” Gutfeld said.

“If Democrats and the media cared enough about this crisis from the time that we started covering it months ago and weeks ago with this, this actual story wouldn’t be necessary,” he said. 

“When I say they’re pulling a Covington, I mean this: They could not use the striking video coming from FOX … or the helicopters because you cannot manipulate that image. Those images are real. It tells the whole story. But you can take one disturbing image and you can turn it and manufacture a narrative that is to your liking.”

Gutfeld called select members of the media “lazy hacks” who ignored the FOX and DPS footage. 

“Then suddenly they’re outraged? We must reject these fools. They’re disgusting. They don’t care.”

In regard to the media’s overall coverage of the exploding crisis in Del Rio, Judge Jeanine Pirro added that many on the left don’t care the U.S. is a “sovereign nation.”

“We have a right to protect the border. They’re taking a story, saying you don’t believe your lying eyes. You have a guy on a horse riding Western with split reins. You use a rein to get the horse to move this way or that way if you’re in a situation where there’s people or another horse that is very close. It’s a quick way to move the horse and has nothing to do with the people on the ground,” she said.

“The fact that they would turn that into them doing something like whipping the illegals is outrageous. It is outrageous,” she continued.

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