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The term guns and butter is derived from the fact that if one country is more interested in spending money on war, then the other country, denoted by and that is, in their own interest, is less interested in spending money on butter. K all in agreement, decided to invest in U. In this case, the term guns and butter is a direct reference to the fact that it is in their interest to protect their own economies, and not to protect themselves; i. When guns or butter are involved, things are not so good for everyone. A high-profile case that could have a major impact on the ability of the media to cover police, the criminal justice system and the criminal justice systems relationship to people of color, was not fully disclosed by prosecutors in North Charleston. North Charleston District Attorney Janet Njus office is prosecuting the case of Walter Scott, a 50-year-old unarmed black man who ran from a traffic stop two weeks ago. Njus has been aggressive in charging and prosecuting police officers involved in the shooting. In the aftermath of the shooting, though, the North Carolina NAACP has called for an independent review of the N. S attorney generals office, saying the office has no evidence that Njus did anything improper in her handling of the Scott case. North Carolina is not a party to the complaint about the handling of the case, which is before the Supreme Court. William Barber II said Friday that it is time to move on. Until the North Carolina NAACP receives what it has asked for, it has no further information to divulge regarding Ms. Njus handling of this case and it is our hope that the State Attorney Generals office will work with us to obtain what we have asked for, Barber said in a statement. In the days since Scotts shooting, Njus has announced the filing of the first charges on the officer involved. North Carolina State Police are investigating the shooting of Scott and have not said whether the officers body camera can be turned on. The NAACP request about the handling of the case had been made public days before the release of the video showing Scotts shooting. This is a list of the best players who could possibly be traded for this upcoming summer. They could be traded for a number of reasons, but the primary reason being that it is a better chance of a championship, or maybe just a more interesting trade that has a possibility of being a win-win situation for both teams.

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