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S always more stuff on the way to satisfy your needs. Re in a hurry, you can always buy some shit on the street. T turn around without finding some item you can use to take advantage of. Re going to be in the market place, you better stick around. Re about to leave, when you suddenly remember that you have an important phone call to make, probably to Nick about your next move. The sooner you leave, the sooner you can find a car to drive off in. Re still not entirely sure about all this, but then this place is not exactly your territory to call your own. Re in real danger of becoming a recluse if you stay here much longer. Ve got to move on if you ever want survival to be your primary concern in the future. You pull out your camera and take a quick photo of the front page of The Daily Bugle. S the story of how Jimmy the Juggalo died from a tainted green jello drink. S all already being copied by internet. Ll be able to get a good description of this place, and possibly even get a map for later. Re getting hungry, so you decide to grab something to eat first, before you go out again. You look over the food and beverages in the nearby food court and find a McDonalds and a Panera Bread. You grab a Chicken SandwichYou grab a Chicken sandwich from the Panera Shop. Now that you know what the place is, you just want to get the hell out of here. A couple of guys in their twenties are laughing, waving and passing you by. The two younger ones make an obvious Hoo-rah. Noise when they see you and a couple of your other female friends pass by. Re probably the reason you have that much food on the stomach from the lunch you had.

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