Gross domestic product, GDP, is the market value of all final goods and services …


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The current economy of Tuvalu is currently at the bottom end of the top 50 economies. As to the current cost of living, the economy in general has experienced a downturn over the past few years in the face of the current Great Recession, but the cost of living for a lot of Tuvalu residents has actually been steadily increasing over the past few decades. A few years ago the cost of basic foodstuffs like sugar, potatoes or rice had been rising quickly, but that trend has been slowing down a bit. Yeah, you are right to be skeptical, said Aroa Vantaru. Right now, we need to decide what to do. You and Aroa Vantaru agree to keep this secret until after the election. When the voting period is over, the voters head to their polling places, and the results are tallied. After the ballots are counted, you, Aroa Vantaru and a few other supporters are sitting at a conference table, waiting for the results to be announced. The results come in, and then they stay that way. Its a surprise to you, because as the numbers are being tallied, youre making remarks in Aroa Vantarus general direction. The economy is not strong enough, your government needs to do more. Your government doesnt give a shit as long as they get a say in the decisions that affect them. The people are in power so long as they are paying taxes. At this point, Aroa Vantaru slaps your hand away. We know the economy of Tuvalu is not strong enough and it will remain that way. A big smile is plastered on your face and you shake your head. We didnt win, but what can we do now. We have been unable to change your government for years. Well, that can change at any time, but I would prefer it if you didnt tell anyone about the election results. I wont, but if you would prefer, I can tell you myself. Alright, but you shouldnt tell anyone, this could be a problem. Everyone in these election booths has been assigned the role of the king, so theres a possibility that this could not only cost you your job, but also put everyone else at risk.

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