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Do you mind giving me a bit of a break. I see you have not changed your dress. And where do you find such a woman as myself. Yes my lord, I will tell you now. Tanya I have never known such a woman before and I do not want to do anything to you. I suppose I should not be surprised to find you a little plain. I mean you are not a slave nor a commoner. Surely you could offer your services in more than your usual seductive ways. My services would be very useful my lord. I have not changed because it was not you I wished to speak with. I have never heard you speak like this before and I would think that your mind would have some ideas on how to speak to a visitor such as myself. My heart and soul will not let me. My mind and my heart refuse to allow me. The only reason why I have not changed is because I am not sure of how to approach such a person. Ah, but you do know how to approach a beast of prey. In my heart I know it would be an offense to you. I cannot let my inner voice be heard. With these last words, Tanya stands up, and heads towards the tent.

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