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NETFLIX is reportedly planning yet another price hike this year, once the dual Hollywood actor and writer strikes end.

Viewers have dubbed the streaming company "greedy" and accuse it of 'taking advantage' of strikes over pay and conditions.

The Wall Street Journal reported the company is currently “discussing raising prices in several markets globally” with the rollout likely to start in the US and Canada. 

It's unclear how much prices will jump.

However, it is likely to occur "a few months after the continuing Hollywood actors strike ends," according to the Journal.

Netflix axed its basic £6.99 plan for new and rejoining UK subscribers in June, while anyone sharing their account will have to pay more following a crackdown by the provider.



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When prices last rose in June, many customers simply dropped down a subscription tier.

But news of another price hike has pushed a number of subscribers to their limit.

"Yet another reason to cancel my Netflix subscription. Last time I dropped subscription tiers," one customer wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Another tweeted: "At this point, Netflix is just being greedy af and their content has been at best mid for the last few years."

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The company has made billions of dollars combined from recent content wins such as Squid Games, Wednesday and One Piece.

So, viewers are having a hard time understanding why prices would be climbing again.

"@Netflix made $900 million dollars off of Squid Games, but gave the show’s creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, and its actors basically none of that profit," another viewer wrote.

"They fight paying more to actors and creators, but then turn around and charge us more."

A fourth viewer added that the timing of the price hike makes it "seem like it's the writers' fault for getting better compensation #BanNetflix."

But Netflix isn't alone.

Disney+ also hiked its subscription costs in August for millions in the UK.

But viewers say paying extra for the same services and standards of content is making them want to go back to their 'old ways' of illegal piracy.

"These people already brought back a surge in [pirate flag emoji]," commented one onlooker.

"They're gonna end up with 0 customers and somehow it will be the public's fault."

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Another said: "These streamers have gone from changes prices every few years to every few months.

"Complete bait and switch. Everyone is going to pirate good content and stick to Youtube."

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