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The other two guys who you had gotten your luck on with go back to their wives who are probably already married. The two that you havent run into are the two that you had been talking to all the time: your mom and aunt Sarah. You arent sure if they are still together since both of them have their own families as well, so you dont really know what their situations are, but your moms seems to be better than yours. You talk to your relativesYour mom is your best friend and the primary reason why you are still here. You just hope she is still the same person as all the shit that you, your sister and yourself have dealt with since the incident occurred. At this point, you have a new girlfriend named Susan, thats what you called her, and a good idea from your sister Kelly that your aunt Sarah is married now. And if her marriage to her high school sweetheart didnt give you some peace of mind in that regard, then it will after meeting your mother. Your mother has been married to your grandpa for almost sixty years now. She seems to have outlived him somehow, and seems to have forgotten all about your sister and you. You can certainly relate to this fact considering what you have gone through in your life. Even if she does have forgotten about you, you would like to meet the grandpa she married. Your mother has always been the most talkative of you all, and even when your sister had little to no social skills, you would still ask her questions about your own life. You still think that this is part of your charm and reason why you have been able to overcome all bad stuff in your life. You could also mention that your sister is now dating some guy named Ben, and she loves him. If she is indeed married and going through some tough times, then you can see why. Of course if you really wanted to you could also mention that Kelly is now dating Uncle Dave. While none of the three of you have ever gotten along, you could always talk about how Dave is a really cool person. T talked to your mom in a long time, you know that she would see the wisdom in that.

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