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The saint said that being grateful gives us the strength to go forward. Gratitude gives us the strength to make a positive difference. Its an endless and random universe thats given us nothing but misery and pain, so why spend time and energy on such pointless things when you can simply go on with your miserable life. You are born into a filthy, dirty, rat-infested hole in the wall of a cheap apartment, but you survive in a way no one can ever imagine. You are smart, you are creative, and you are determined to make the world a better place. Youve got nothing, but you have your determination and your brain. Youve got nothing, but it doesnt matter because you made it to this day, and that is something that no one can take away from you. You are here now, and you arent giving up. Its a bit strange, but you agree to help out the old man, hes been doing a lot for you, and youre the only one who seems to have any sense these days. The old man shows you around the inn, and explains the situation to you. You learn hes been a member of the Thieves Guild for over a century, and is still in control of it, although lately hes been getting annoyed with its old members who have been letting their own interests get in the way of the guilds main goal. The Thieves Guild has been trying to take over the city, but has been having a hard time of it, but now theres been a change in the time of year when the guild members try to rob the most lucrative target. During this season the Thieves Guild targets the most prestigious hotels, casinos and inns, and after a couple of days of planning, the Thieves Guild plan to overpower the inns and take over their leadership. The Thieves Guild plan is simple: to make as much coin as possible while they have their leader as the only person in charge. The guilds plan fails, but the Guild keeps the money and the inns try to resist to the end. The guild manages to destroy the inns will to fight, and even kill the leader before the last.

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