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You cant even find out what to say. You still trying to find out what to sayIts so very beautiful, I cant get enough of it, I just cant stop looking at it. Its so much better than what Ive seen on TV. Well how would you like to hear a piece of classical music when you come here to visit the Muse. I didnt mean to make you uncomfortable, I did my best. Youre so beautiful, theres no escaping that right. I mean yes, Im beautiful, and yes its true I dont have anything to do with this place, but I still want my privacy. So can you tell me what youd like to hear. Id like to hear a piece of classical music. Do you think we should go get some water to quench our thirst. Beer and juice would be much better for the body. You leave the bar, where you find the same bartender in a different part of the bar, asking for your attention. The bartender turns towards the same girl whom you met outside the bar. You drink it and swallow the rest of the glass in one go. You feel your eyes start to close, as if the drink is killing you. You know youd soon die if you couldnt get more sleep. You say What a good girlWhat a good girl. The bartender takes the glass from you and takes a big gulp from it. This bartender is trying to seduce you, is she trying to get you to go outside with her. You say No, I want to stay here.

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