GOP Senate candidate Sam Brown fires back at Twitter as tech giant admits his account was banned by 'mistake'

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Veteran running for Congress slams Twitter for putting warning on his July 4th post

Purple Heart recipient Capt. Sam Brown is accusing the tech company of censoring him after he had just filed for his Senate run

Republican Senate candidate and retired Army Capt. Sam Brown is firing back at Twitter after he woke up Monday morning to see that his account was “permanently suspended,” which Twitter has since acknowledged was an error.

“Big Tech is waging an all-out attack on conservative voices — using unequally applied ‘rules’ to censor or suspend anyone they disagree with,” Brown told Fox News in an exclusive statement. “This summer, they censored my tweets as ‘potentially sensitive content.’ This morning, they suspended my account without warning or cause.” 

Brown is running in the Republican primary in Nevada hoping to unseat Democratic incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto in 2022. 

The candidate filed an appeal to Twitter’s decision without being told what tweets prompted such punishment. Twitter responded with an automatic email informing him his appeal request was received. His account was suspended for several hours. 

“Big Tech knows their days of one-sided censorship and divisive influence are numbered with conservative voices like me in the Senate,” Brown said. “I will not back down from this fight – Twitter has messed with the wrong soldier.”

Afghanistan vet Sam Brown
(Courtesy Sam Brown)

Fox News reached out to Twitter amid Brown’s suspension, which was lifted less than two hours later. 

“We’re writing to let you know that we’ve unsuspended your account,” Twitter told Brown in an email obtained by Fox News. “We’re sorry for the inconvenience and hope to see you back on Twitter soon.”

Twitter added, “A little back background: we have systems that find and remove multiple automated spam accounts in bulk, and yours was flagged as spam by mistake. Please note that it make take an hour or so for your follower and following numbers to return to normal.”

“As someone who has been targeted multiple times by Twitter’s censorship regime, this issue is now personal to me: it’s clear that decisive action must be taken immediately to rein in Big Tech and the partisan elites who run them,” Brown told Fox News.

Twitter did not respond to Fox News’ multiple requests for comment. 

(Sam Brown)

Brown’s contentious interactions with Twitter began in July when he accused the platform of flagging his Fourth of July tweet of him saluting in uniform as “potentially sensitive content.”

The candidate slammed Twitter, suggesting his tweet was marked as “potentially sensitive” because of his face, which was severely burned from an IED explosion during his 2008 deployment to Afghanistan. His campaign launch video shared on Wednesday was similarly hit with a warning label. 

A spokesperson for Twitter at the time pushed back at the censorship allegation, telling Fox News such warnings can be enabled or disabled based on the individual user’s account settings.

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