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GOOGLE Maps explorers were shocked after spotting what looks like a crashed plane sitting at the bottom of the sea.

The chilling discovery was made just off the Crooked Island in the Bahamas.

You can check it out for yourself by searching the following coordinates on Google Maps: 22.6783072,-73.8283369.

"There are a lot of missing planes, if it’s not an artefact it could be a known crash or one that’s still missing," one user speculated on Reddit.

But the reality may not be quite so eerie.

As other internet sleuths point out, a crashed plane probably wouldn't be so visible from the bottom of the ocean like this.

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And it wouldn't be in one piece either.

So if it's not a doomed plane, what is it?

Well, it may be down to a simple satellite image processing error.

Another Google Maps observer captured shots from the same spot at a different point on Google Earth and the plane can be seen flying as normal.

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"Just Google being silly and merging and blurring more than 1 image for the same spot," they explained.

"Also right in front of the nose you can see the line where the 2 images are joined.

"Older image of the same place, plane was flying ok."

Google Maps sometimes suffers glitches when capturing planes – usually it leaves a weird mix of colours and there's a reason for it.

It's to do with how the cameras up in space capture images of Earth.

They take shots in different colour bands, which are usually red, green and blue.

The frames are then combined to form the photos in their truest colour, as we're all familiar with.

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The thing is, each frame is not taken at the same time.

So a fast moving plane can trick the merging process, leaving us with the raw red, green and blue we see in this case.

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