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GOOGLE has issued Android TV users with important advice to ensure their kit is not a sketchy fake riddled with malicious malware.

Experts recently revealed that several popular telly streaming boxes were not quite what they seem.

The devices in question are not made by Google but they come with Google apps.

Sneaky crooks generate money by tapping on ads in the background, commonly known as ad-click fraud.

But the firm has now spoken out about the issue after receiving questions from concerned users.

Google says some boxes have been falsely marketing themselves to appear as Android TV OS, when actually they're just using the underlying Android tech and feature Android apps.

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But they aren't Play Protect certified, which means apps aren't checked for bank-raiding threats.

"User security and privacy for devices is a top priority for the Android TV OS ecosystem," the company said.

"That is why we work with our partners to ensure Android TV OS devices adhere to stringent security and privacy policies and undergo extensive testing to ensure quality and user safety.

"These devices are Play Protect certified, which means they come with Google's built-in malware protection that keeps your device, apps and data safe."

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Google is warning users to consult the Android TV website and see if their device's manufacturer is on the approved list.

People are also being urged to check if their box is Play Protect certified.

You can do this by going to the Google Play Store and tapping the profile icon in the top right.

Find Play Protect and look for the heading titled "Play Protect certification".

Here you should see whether yours is certified or not.

"If your device isn't Play Protect certified, we recommend you contact your device manufacturer and ask for a fully tested, Play Protect certified device," Google said.

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