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For-profit 3 days ago definition You will continue to explore your abilities here as you were taught in the academy. That s what you get for studying hard in the academy. You refuse to leave the academyFor you it was an honorable way of life to serve the Empire. You were never loyal to the Academy, and you will be never loyal to the Empire. If you are to live as a free citizen, there must be a different way to do it. You will make a new life for yourself, and do what the Emperor has taught you. You will join the service of the Empire, even on a small scale. And you do not need the Empire to serve you when it suits you. You join the armyYou were not satisfied with the academy life. The Emperors teachings have been very good to you and your life is now a better one. You will give your all to the service of the Empire. You are in the tent and you have heard nothing of the Emperor. You check the wall clock and it says 4:55. You should have been here a few hours earlier. You have a little time to pack and some new clothes, and you will need them. You are in your uniform, but it does not feel appropriate. You need to be in a uniform better suited to the climate, but you just dont feel right in it. Perhaps that will be the one thing you need to change up today. You go through your bags and take a few changes of clothes, and then head downstairs. You are about to go to the bathroom when you bump into another soldier.

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