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More-31The science fair is your chance to show off your inventions and projects. The judges will make their choice about your design and whether it will make it or not. On the scientific side of things you dont have much to show off because you do science in the basement, but that doesnt mean you dont have talents. You could show off one of your inventions by writing a science fair project at the science fair, or by performing one of your experiments at the science fair. On the other side of things you could try your hand at a science fair design. Designing a science fair product can be a lot of fun, so if the project will be something you can show off, or something you can do as part of a performance, or even something you can learn about by helping to design it. Either way, you have something to put on our site. You perform at the science fairYou get an idea for an invention or experiment. This could be a small-scale project with just a few parts. Or it could be a major project or a big-scale project with a lot of parts. Or you could just show off an idea. Either way, your invention will be displayed for the rest of the day at the science fair. Youre feeling pretty pumped up and ready to go. You dont have much of anything to lose really, if you get in trouble youll have to pay for the room, and youve got some money saved here already. You go for the job interviewYou head upstairs and into the kitchen where Wendy is busy preparing a batch of bacon. Hey Wendy, let me help you with this. You say You can be in control for this, its not going to be long, Im just going to go in the other room. You go lock up if you dont want someone spying on you. You say If you see me coming from behind, or from the other side of the room, Im going to open the window. You say Good, since ive been asking you a lot of random questions, lets.

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