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You dont sign up for any channelYou sign out of your account and log back in for the first time since you got back home. You notice you got a new message from the golf channel. You can start watching any channel now, or you could sign in with a cable password. You get the impression this is the golf channel, but you have no idea what to select on there. You dont even know which Golf Channel channel to choose, as its displayed as No Content Found. You try to find any golf information on YouTube, but you can find nothing useful. You search Golf on YouTubeYou type golf into the YouTube search bar, and YouTube pops up several results. You tap one of the results, and you end up getting redirected to the golf channel itself. Were your one-stop shop for all the latest golf news, information and updates, your one-stop shop for all your golf needs, and as always, the best in exclusive golf content. You choose the tip, Try a new angleYou select the tip, Try a new angle. Its a tip which would probably be easy enough to follow. You also notice the channel itself is all green with big text at the top of it:Welcome, were a little behind on some of the newer golf courses, so were giving everyone a little more time than normal on golf courses such as this one. So, you might get one extra hole in, but that should still be a fairly enjoyable round. At the bottom of the screen it says Thanks for playing, have a great round. You tap on the arrow indicating No Thanks, you sign out, and sign back in again to your normal account on YouTube. You notice a different message appears, and you open it up to read it:You have signed in and are now watching the Golf Channel You sign out of the channelYou sign out of the channel and log back in for the first time since you got home. You notice you have a new message from the channel:Hey there, your a golfer, right. Were not sure if youve ever tried golf, but weve got a game we think youll enjoy. Pick a golf course in one of these categories, and youll be matched up with some of the best golfers from around the world: Bubba Watson, Nick Faldo and so on. Then, you just hit the ball as hard as you can. This is a lot to take in, so you pick Bubba Watson to play. You watch the first few golf videos on the channel, and.

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