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YawningThe next day, your phone rings. S the voicemail message your friend Joe left for you on Monday morning. Ve got your own stuff to get in order, and you have every right to take as much time as you need. The old place just closed up shop and left. Still, I was hoping to find a space where I could still keep a low profile, a place where I could continue to write and do some freelance writing. Ve got some ideas for a book that I want to get off the ground. M hoping to reach out to you again soon. S been a couple of developments that might lead to me moving out of my apartment. D like to pick up and live on my own in a place closer to the city, but living here in the suburbs has its own set of problems. My sister lives here with her husband and their five kids. My Dad worked here when he was still alive. S been getting a lot more affordable, and I can probably get into an apartment in the other area. T let me leave the house unless I work overnights at a comic store or something, so that would also keep me here.

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