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You begin to drift off to sleep as you recall the events of the night. S also the one who caused you to move. In fact that was the main reason why you wanted to move in the first place. S been very much in control of the house and in a more direct way than ever before. You always figured that she was going to eventually catch the house up on the bills and get it in better condition. However, she has apparently been doing more than just keeping the house from going into foreclosure. S been using it as an escape from reality in general. S about time for me to wake up too. Hey Donna is it okay if I stay here a little bit longer. T been home together like this for a long time. S related to you, but Donna quickly confirms it when she sees you and her face brightens up. T recognize you then, but you looked a lot different than how I remember you now. You were always so fun to be around and you always had time for me. M glad you liked being around me.

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