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The old Java Live Gold Price chart is a very old live gold price chart which has been around for a long time and a lot of times you might find yourself using it even though you might not like it very much. The old Java Live gold price chart is just a very crude live gold price chart, no real features or anything like that. However, just to show you that it might still work, we will be using it as well. Lets look at the current live gold price on the old Java Live Gold price chart:Here we can see that there are currently 8,000 plus Gold contracts being traded. You can see that there are two types of contracts here, the first being the standard contract which is the spot gold price at the time that you are viewing this live gold price chart and the second being the current contract, which are the current Gold prices. The spot gold price is the price of gold as it was when the contract was created, so you will want to look at this as though the spot price. The current contract is what is being traded right now and is the price at which Gold will be traded going forward. You might notice that this Gold price is slightly lower than the spot price. This is because the market is currently dealing with the recent plunge in gold prices and Gold as a store of value is feeling the pinch of lower prices. In many cases, Gold prices are also slightly lower when a new contract is created since the price of gold as it matures is lower than the price as it is created and traded. However, these prices are not necessarily the only ones which are used to price Gold, though at the present time, they are the most commonly used ones. You will also notice that the prices are all over the place in the various charts, though some of them are going down, whereas others are going up. This is a natural characteristic of the markets and is not a sign of a shortage of Gold. 2000 an ounce in the chart right here, so you might want to make a note of that for later, but then the price is so highly concentrated at the moment that it is getting a bit complicated now. You might also want to look at the prices of a couple of different types of contracts. These include the monthly contracts; which are the three month contracts, and the daily contracts, which are the three hour contracts. A quick word of caution about contracts, there is only one Gold price, so if you have contracts which are not in your Gold spot price chart, they are not going to have any effect on what you are viewing. A couple of things to keep in mind about contracts are that they are not all created equal; some are better than others; and you want to find the contracts which offer the best.

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