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Will mean a nice message and a nice drawing of you with a beer in your hand, And a picture of some other beer insteadThank you very much for supporting my friend The most trusted website. For the past year and a half, Ive been working on a webcomic. Most of the time, these kinds of things take a lot of time, money and, I suppose, skill to make a living at. A lot of the time, the money is spent on luxuries, while the rest is spent on necessities. Its a comedic look at the real-life adventures of my roommate, Kevin, a man with a job, a significant other and many obligations. But there are a lot of issues with the comic that have been hindering its sales. Its not just Kevins job at the comic shop, its the fact that the comic shop itself has made me feel unwelcome there. It used to be a welcoming place, but not anymore. Kevin has been getting more and more cranky on the job. While Kevin is a nice guy, his employer has decided to make him a No Funny Business sign. They can fire him for no reason, and if they can find any reason, he can be fired for that, too. One is that I quit my job at the comic shop. I wont find anything to do anymore, and if Kevin is fired, I will be in trouble. The other option is to continue to work at the comic shop. While I probably wouldnt get as much money as the bouncer gig, Ill be making a living on the side writing comic books. In fact, Ive been working on a comic called Rampage Comics. If I can get it turned into a comic, Ill be able to keep my job at the comic shop. You continue working at the comic shopYou cant keep working at the comic shop. Its the last bastion of the working man, but now its becoming less so. The comics have already been taken away and sold to pay the rent or the electricity. The comics might be taken away from you if you try and continue to work there. You quit your job at the comic shopYou dont want to work a job that.

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